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Björg Einarsdóttir is an authorised massage therapist.  She qualified at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Canada in 1992 and ran her own massage parlour there for two years.  She also took courses in other fields, including The Reiki Master with Linda Lidke in 1994, Multidimensional Integrative Healing with Sue Bansen in 1992,  Reflexology in 1992 and Aroma Therapy in 1994.  She has also trained with a number of spiritual and meditation teachers and spent four years studying under Donna Cheff,  Pathway Services in Canada (1990-1994). During her stay in Canada, Björg also took courses in astrology with Dale Osadchuk.  The course consisted of practical astrology and focused on  mystical meditations on the energies and properties of the planets.  Björg also attended Erla Stefánsdóttir’s Life Vision school in Iceland, first as a participant and then as an assistant. She took Erla’s Healing course in 1998, and Shamanism I and II in 1999, as well as a course on the connection between the various tones of the chakras in the same year. Björg took three initiations in Kundalini Yoga with Guruji Maha Maharishi Dr. Paranjothiyar between 2000-2002, as well as Shamanism with Malku in Peru 2006, Past Life Regression with Doctor Brian Weiss in 2007 and “Healing beyond the bounds of reason” with Caroline Myss in 2008. Björg graduated as an Astrologer in 2010, from  Stjörnuspekiskóli Íslands. She also graduated as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2012, from the International School of Clinical Hypnosis. 2012


Björg has worked as a massage therapist and taught meditation and Reiki Healing in Iceland since 1995.

Address: Sjúkranuddstofa Bjargar Hrafnagilsstræti 14. 600 Akureyri,

gsm: (+354) 862-7675

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Björg Einarsdóttir – Austurströnd 1 – 170 Seltjarnarnes, Iceland – bjorgei@simnet.is – GSM (+354) 862-7675