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Indications for massage: whiplash, headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain, tendonitis, leg and foot pain, poor circulation and many more.


Reflexology is a compression technique used on the feet, hands or other parts of the body where there are energy points that relate to all organs and all parts of the body.  When these points are contacted, they unblock congestion in the corresponding regions of the body, so that circulation and elimination improves as tension is reduced and the body normalises and rebalances.

Healing massage

In Healing Massage the focus is deep relaxation with Aromatherapy. The Essential Oils  calm the mind and aid in balancing the emotions, improve circulation, support the immune system and more. In this session Reiki healing and Reflexology are also applied. Additional is intuitive reading with the aid of Astrology and Tarot Cards.

Spiritual Healing – Chakra healing

The human body contains many areas of focused and concentrated energy. There are, however, seven major energy centres commonly referred to as Chakras. Through and within these Chakra centres, we receive and process life energies. Each Chakra in the body is recognised as a focal point of life force relating to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. The Spiritual Healing focuses on the Chakra centres, mainly the Heart Chakra, and is an integration of energy healing, meditation, visualisation, visioning and channelling.

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Massage has a profound effect on the health of the person being treated.  Massage improves circulation relaxes muscles and aids in digestion.  By stimulating the lymphatic system, massage speeds up the elimination of waste products. 

These direct benefits, combined with the psychological benefits of feeling cared for, quickly produce a marvellous feeling of well-being that cannot be matched by modern drugs.

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